Top 10 Things About Avengers Endgame Exclusive Footage

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As we discuss Top 10 Things About Avengers Endgame Exclusive Footage, there’s still a couple of unbearable weeks to go until Avengers: Endgame releases in theaters. Yet in the development, Disney screened around 10 minutes of footage for the select press on the company’s studio lot in California. What’s more, given the amount we still really don’t know about Endgame, even in those meager moments of the film, we learned a considerable amount.

Avengers: Endgame releases on April 26. Tickets went on sale a week ago, and obviously, pre-deals are setting records and smashing ticket-selling sites.

Top 10 Things About Avengers Endgame Exclusive Footage

1. It’s been 22 days since the end of Infinity War

Given the number of various hairstyles and facial haircuts different characters have sported all through the Endgame trailers we have seen up until this point, there have been bunches of speculations about how much time will have gone between the end of Infinity War and the beginning of Endgame. In the footage, we found a particular solution: When Tony records his amazingly pitiful message for Pepper, which has all the earmarks of being pretty much the film’s opening scene, he mentions explicitly that he and Nebula have been stranded in space for 22 days.

He also mentions that their oxygen will run out by the next morning. Given that both he and Nebula will, in the long run, make it back to Earth – judging by impressions we have seen, at least – we can expect their circumstance is going to change. So we can figure the span of time among Tony and Co.’s. fight with Thanos and Tony and Nebula somehow finding their way back to Earth will be around three weeks.

2. Nebula helped heal Tony’s injuries from the fight with Thanos

Tony suffered significant injuries amid the fight with Thanos toward the finish of Infinity War. Actually, Thanos likely believed he had mortally injured Tony when he said he hopes the general population still alive toward the end will remember him. That gut stab appeared to be especially dreadful. But, we know from trailers that Tony survives, and now we know from this new footage how: Nebula apparently has some expertise at healing, as Tony comments in his message to Pepper that, in spite of getting some sort of infection following the fight, he’s rapidly recovering, thanks to Nebula’s help.

3. Both of them are bored.

Some portion of the footage we saw included what gives off an impression of being the very opening scene of the whole film. As the Marvel logo showed up, the song “Dear Mr. Dream” by Traffic twanging in the background. The scene opened on Tony and Nebula playing paper football. You know, that game where you fold a piece of paper into a triangle shape and alternate endeavoring to flick it through a goal post made by your opponents’ hands. On the off chance that this truly is the movie’s first scene, it’s a shockingly light approach to open what will without a doubt be a dark chapter in MCU history.

4. They have fixed their ship partially.

Tony and Nebula haven’t invested all their energy in space convalescing and feeling frustrated about themselves. Tony says in his message that they’ve been working hard to fix their ship, trying to make it back to civilization. The fuel cell was damaged sooner or later, however in the clip we saw, Tony says they have figured out how to fix things alright to eek around two days of flight time from the battered vessel. Obviously, given that they are “light years from the closest 7/11,” as Tony puts it, we don’t know how much that is going to support them.

5. Tony thinks that he is going to die

Iron Man and Nebula have clearly done their best to endure. Tony’s injuries are healing, and they have tried to fix the ship. But, toward the end of his message for Pepper, Tony uncovers that he doesn’t think he will survive. They’re going to come up short on oxygen, and the ship is still fit as a fiddle. He signs off with an extremely sad prediction that he will drift off into death while thinking of Pepper.

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6. Nebula makes it back to Earth

The following scene we saw likely isn’t back to back with the first. At the end of the day, there are a few things in the middle of that we missed. That is clear, considering the scene featured Nebula on Earth with Steve, Nat, Rhodey, Rocket, Thor, and Bruce in prompt lead-up to the moment above, which we recently saw in one of the most recent Endgame trailers. It is by all accounts not long after Captain Marvel’s entry. Directly before this, Nebula is present during a discussion about taking the battle to Thanos, in spite of the fact that Tony’s absence in the scene is perplexing.

7. Nebula knows Thanos whereabouts

Captain Marvel might be the Avengers’ secret weapon in their next battle with Thanos, yet they have another advantage now as well. Nebula, who knows Thanos obviously better than any other individual present. She uncovers to the rest of the Avengers, including Captain Marvel, that she knows where Thanos went: “The Garden,” on a far-off planet. As Rhodey jests, it’s his retirement plan and they are going to crash it.

8. Captain Marvel says she can defeat Thanos

The rest of the Avengers rapidly learn one thing about Carol Danvers: She is very confident. Her response to finding out about Thanos is basically, “For what reason aren’t we battling him as of now?” and when Bruce ponders out loud why it should divert out any differently from the last time they fought with the Mad Titan, she answers that this time, they have her.

9. The Infinity Stones aren’t used up yet

Towards the end of Infinity War, soon after Thanos snapped, the Infinity Stones and the gauntlet housing them seemed pretty messed up. Clearly, they were still functional for Thanos to transport to his retirement world, and for him to have that brief discussion with Gamora’s soul. Yet their status past that is fundamentally obscure. But, we learned in this footage that the Stones may at present be sufficiently useful for the Avengers to utilize them to fix the Snap. At least, that is their immediate plan.

The scene reveals that the Avengers have recognized a second energy spike like the one that happened on Earth during the Snap. At the end of the day, they trust Thanos utilized the Stones again and it encourages them to pinpoint the bad boy’s present location. That second use might have essentially been the teleportation toward the finish of Infinity War or it may be something different we still can’t seem to learn about.

10. The Avengers and Thanos fight will be early in the movie

After the disclosure that they know Thanos’ location, the rest of the Avengers squander no time: With Captain Marvel in their corner, they plan to take the battle to Thanos. We have seen the scene as of now in a trailer or two. However, this footage confirmed that the shot of a few characters heading into space is the start of their counter-assault. Obviously, a few of them haven’t been to space before, regardless of the increasingly cosmic nature of these motion pictures.

re you excited to find out what happens next? I Hope you like the Top 10 Things About Avengers Endgame Exclusive Footage.

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